The spirit of Sauza. There would be no Casa Sauza� if not for the three Dons. Since 1873, each played an instrumental role in the production of the world�s finest tequilas. Today, their spirits live on in each bottle that comes out of Casa Sauza�. We offer an array of tequilas made for any get together. But what you�ll find in every bottle of Sauza� is the most natural, fresh, crisp agave flavor possible. SAUZA� GOLD, a twist on a true classic In every sip of Sauza� Gold, you�ll find the fresh agave taste you expect, plus an extra hint of cooked agave and vanilla.

COLOR: Gold with sparkling flashes of brightness.

AROMA: Sweet caramel and fruity with fresh agave notes.

TASTE: Sweet fresh agave with slight noted of caramel.

FINISH: Medium bodied with sweet finish

REGION: Mexico

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