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Wine Knowledge

Wine Spectator Maps of Wine Regions

By February 24, 2019 No Comments

Our handy visual guides to major wine-producing areas in Europe, the United States and the Southern Hemisphere

Look at almost any wine�s label, and you�ll find an indication of its origin, whether it�s as broad as an entire country or as specific as a particular vineyard. That�s because wines embody, and are shaped by, the places they come from�their distinctive combination of geography and climate.

Wine Spectator�s illustrated wine maps cover the whole world of wine. Love Cabernets from Napa Valley but not really sure where Oakville is? Confused by all the different appellations in Bordeaux? Let our maps be your guide to a deeper understanding of the wines you enjoy.

Maps by Richard Thompson, with exception of Alsace, Argentina, Austria and Oregon AVA maps by Henry Eng